• 11. - 15. November 2023
  • Messezentrum Salzburg

Gastro Circle Stage

The Salzburg fair becomes the epicenter of knowledge transfer.

November 11 - 15, 2023
To be anounced!

The industry needs solutions and is motivated to exchange ideas about new concepts and innovative products. That's why the Gastro Circle Stage is entering a new round: staff shortages, industry image, sustainability, product innovations, the vegan megatrend - trade visitors can expect a varied program of talks, discussions and presentations on the industry's most pressing topics.

Well-known personalities from the gastronomy and hotel world will share their standpoints and opinions. To make sure you don't miss the exciting and varied talks, they can be followed live at the event or online. 

The grand opening 2022


"Future Tourism - On the New Value of Travel".

In recent decades, tourists have evolved from passive consumers to highly active participants in their vacations. What significance will travel have in the future and what do people expect who are increasingly accustomed to being on the move? Sociologist and futurologist Christiane Varga draws a picture of the future of tourism that follows a fundamentally new understanding of travel.

Guests of honor

Martin Kocher, Federal Minister of Labor
Governor of Salzburg Dr. Wilfried Haslauer
State Secretary Mag. Susanne Kraus-Winkler
Benedikt Binder-Krieglstein, CEO of RX Austria & Germany

© Christiane Varga


To be anounced!

This is what the speakers said in 2021

The lack of plant-based dishes in the restaurant business is neither caused by the quality of the products nor by the rejection of the guests, but by the way it is communicated.

Felix Hnat
Chairman of the Veganen Gsellschaft Österreich

Made in Austria does not immediately mean that it is a top-quality product. Regionality must never take precedence over quality!

Nina Mohimi
Food & Beverage Consultant

The pride of being a host is disappearing more and more, but we in the industry are not how we are being presented to the public! We need to think about how we not only present our industry in a more attractive way, but also shape it.

Heiner Raschhofer

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 05. - 09. November 2022


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