Exhibitor Checklist

Order forms, Contacts and important information

From Catering to Fair Insurance - here you will find important information for your Show preparation!

  • Assembly Conditions

    Site rent (with the exception of ready-built stands) does not include any rear or separating walls, which can be ordered separately from STANDout Salzburg

    Exhibitors’ stand structures shall not exceed a height of 250 cm. Higher structures shall only be permitted after submission of plans and with the written consent of the organiser. Relevant construction plans shall be submitted to the project management two month before the start of the trade fair at the latest. For 2storey stand constructions, stages, marquees and spotlight-scaffolds an inspection report, provided by a civil engineer, that guarantees professional and proper construction on site (due to the information provided) for hazard-free operation is required. It has to be submitted to the project management in the morning of the last set-up day at the latest. All walls which adjoin the aisles (particularly with isle stands) may be fully covered only to a maximum of one third and have to appear in a visually open design.

    On no account is self-adhesive carpet tape to be used as this will damage the hall floor and the remnants of the adhesive are very difficult to remove. The removal of such remnants will be charged according to the work and expense necessary.

    Suspended objects: Suspended objects may only be hung from the intended suspension points in compliance with official static structural limitations. Authorisation and realisation of suspension points must be executed only by the contracted company of the organisers, STANDout Salzburg. Regardless of volume and mass, suspended objects and suspension points must be doubly secured from each other and, after installation, the aforementioned must be inspected by a civil engineer.

    The technical team leader is available to answer questions relating to stand erection. Contact details.

    Foyers: It is strictly forbidden to enter the foyers with lift trucks, fork lifts or electric motor pallet walkies. Please use the loading doors in the halls. People who cause damage due to non-observace are liable for these damages.

    Event inspection and acceptance: The event inspection of the building authority and the fire protection police of Magistrat Salzburg starts on the last set-up day at 4.30 pm. Please make sure that a competent person (competent regarding questions about stand construction, exhaust systems, exhibits etc.), who is able to answer detailed questions and submit technical documentation, is present at your stand during this period.


  • Exhibitor Conditions

    In addition to the trade fair conditions we kindly ask you to take note of the following information:

    Sales regulations: Please observe point 8 of the general trade fair conditions, in accordance to which the sale or supply of samples is not allowed during the trade fair (Amendment to the Price Act 1982).

    Your attention is brought to clause 15 of the fair conditions which states that acoustic or audio visual displays at the fair stand must be thus arranged that the associated noise does not exceed a maximum sound level of 40 DBA, measured at the stand boundary.

    Exhibition staff: We kindly advise you to make sure that your entire staff are registered, insured and hold work permits; throughout the exhibition but especially during show set-up. Please allude your respective assembly partners and sub-companies to this requirement. With reference to the ARG 7/12., §17 clause 7, the fair exhibitor is required to inform the work inspectorate, in writing and before the start of the fair, of the number of persons employed during the weekend and on bank holidays.

    Performing arts/musicians’ union (AKM) duties: The exhibitor must personally register all audio visual performances that are to take place at the stand at the AKM and thereupon pay the associated fees (www.akm.at, E: gest.salzburg.@akm.at, T: +43 50717-15521).

    Sweepstakes at the show: since Jan. 1, 2012, organizers of sweepstakes at the show have to deliver a lottery fee of at least 5 %. The assessment basis is the financial worth of the prospective prize. Please find further information here or contact the expo team.

    Motorised vehicles: If you intend to exhibit motor vehicles on your stand, please ensure all fuel tanks are completely empty, batteries are disconnected and that the key is available on the stand.


  • Exhibitor Information on Food Labelling

    Food Labelling
    only available in German

  • Exhibitor Portal Guide

  • Information for foreign exhibitors and their staff

    Foreign employers have to electronically register the posted workforce during the set-up and dismantling work at the Central coordination center of the Federal Ministry (BMF) at the latest one week before their employment. The executive branch of the financial authorities conducts inspections at trade fairs to ensure all members of expo staff are registered according to Austrian labour laws. Reed, the exhibition organiser, has no influence over this process and is not informed in advance.

    For further information, please contact the Central Coordination Office at the Federal Ministry of Finance: https://www.bmf.gv.at/betrugsbekaempfung/entsendung-zentrale-koordination/entsendemeldungen-zentrale-koordinationsstelle.html

  • Exhibitor pass

    Here you can download the order form for exhibitor's passes

    Order form

  • Internet and IT-Equipment

    conova communications GmbH
    Karolingerstraße 36 A
    A-5020 Salzburg
    +43 662 2200-0
    +43 662 2200-209


    Order form Conova

  • Information on competitions and prizes

  • Logo & Banner

  • Media systems

    Steiner Mediensysteme GmbH
    Gewerbegebiet 11
    2100 Stetten-Korneuburg
    +43 2262 733 33-0
    +43 2262 733 33-11

    More information soon.

  • Terms and conditions for exhibitors

  • Freight forwarding

    Internationale Spedition GmbH
    Am Messezentrum 6
    5021 Salzburg
    +43 662 4090-2299 (2295 to 2298)
    +43 662 4481-205
    +43 662 4090-692

    Forwarding rate 2017

    Order form for transport fair

    Order form fair services

  • Trade fair insurance

    More information soon.

  • Parking permits

    Every exhibitor receives free exhibitor parking tickets according to the following scale:

    • up to 32 sqm stand space 2 exhibitor parking tickets
    • from 33 sqm stand space upwards 4 exhibitor parking tickets
    • co-exhibitors 2 parking tickets

    These parking tickets are valid throughout the entire show (including set-up and disassembly).

    Important information about exhibitor car park tickets required in excess of the free quota:

    1-day parking ticket:
    Can be purchased for €8 (incl. VAT) directly at the fairground at the APCOA ticket counter in front of the car park P2.

    Multi-day tickets for exhibitors:
    Cheaper tickets are available from a 2-day stay upwards at €4 (incl. VAT) / day.
    These tickets can directly be purchased at the fairground at the APCOA ticket counter in front of the car park P2.

    Stand construction companies receive free parking tickets for set-up and disassembly at the Info desks.
    Attention: Not valid during the show!

  • Press service

    Services free of charge

    1. Press conferences

    We gladly help you with your presence and would therefore like to publish any press conference or media event you are holding on the show’s website. Should you plan any such event, take into account to start organizing in good time and do send us the schedule as soon as possible. Any such information is well received by our media representatives and also helps to avoid timetable clashes to be avoided.

    Services subject to a charge

    2. Press Box

    During the show the press lounge is the central meeting and working point for journalists and other media representatives. You are invited to place your press kits there. Please bring your press kit and information material (approx. 25 copies) directly to the press lounge on the first day of the event. You can pick up any copies left over on the last day. During the show, we kindly ask you to designate a person responsible for occasionally checking that your press kits don’t run out and independently supplying replacements if necessary.

    Cost: € 55 + VAT + fees (1 % of the gross sum for compulsory legal fees)

    3. Publication on the Internet

    Your press releases will be published at Alles für den Gast Herbst Press prior to the start of the show. We will not delete your texts after the show, but have them stay online until superseded by the next show site. The copy should be approximately 3,000 characters long (in pt. 11 letters) and preferably in Word format. You may also attach up to high-resolution images (1MB at the most) in jpg format. Do not forget to include the copyrights (for the images), your company’s full name, address, telephone and fax number, email and Internet address, hall and stand number and the name of a contact person at your stand.

    Cost: € 135 + VAT

    4. Combi-All-inclusive-Package

    There is also the opportunity of a Combi-All-Inclusive package deal including the press box in the press lounge and publication on the show’s website. Buying the package will save you 20 % to booking separately.

    Cost: € 152 + VAT

    Order form


    Tanja Lettner
    Tanja Lettner

    PR Manager

    +43 662 4477 - 2411
    +43 662 4477 - 2419

  • Smoking ban

    Smoking ban in the exhibition halls – smoking only permitted in designated areas
    In accordance with current legislation, a general smoking ban is in force in enclosed public spaces.  The new law applies in full to the Messezentrum Salzburg. This means that smoking is only permitted in designated smoking zones. This applies to all covered areas on the site. The designated zones at the Messezentrum Salzburg can be found in the courtyard or in front of the Hall loading bays. Please note that smoking is not permitted in the areas directly in front of the main entrances. Exhibitors are no longer permitted to smoke at the exhibition stands under any circumstances.

    Under the new legislation anyone who does not observe the ban is liable to prosecution or a hefty fine! All interim regulations previously permitting smoking at the exhibition stands are now invalid. This decision was taken following numerous complaints from non-smokers. As the event organiser, Reed Messe Salzburg is obliged to ensure that the ban is observed to the letter. We therefore ask you to consider non-smokers by adhering to these clear statutory requirements.

  • Saftey regulations

    Electrical systems / stand installations

    • All set-ups and equipment must conform with all applicable ÖVE (ETG, ETV, NspGV etc.) and local EVU guidelines.
    • Electrical appliances within the stand borders are permitted if installed and operated by the exhibitor’s own electricians or contracted electrical service providers in compliance with the currently valid ÖVE regulations. Before the electricity supply is switched on correct and proper installation must be confirmed at the information desk „Info-Mitte“ by the provision of official inspection results which must be presented on site.
    • If neon or tube lighting, requiring over 1000 volts is used, technical documentation and constructor‘s and/or manufacturer‘s inspection results must be submitted by the time of event inspection.
    • Lighting elements may not be installed within arm’s reach in the aisles. Two independent suspension constructions must be erected to secure any suspended lighting elements, irrespective of their weight. The use of plastic cable binders for the purpose of securing lighting elements, irrespective of their weight and other components is forbidden.
    • All lights and lamps must include a protective guard, glass, cage or basket to prevent bulbs, tubes or lamp elements from falling down. Sufficient distance to flammable materials (see instructions on the lamp and bulb) must be guaranteed.
    • Open screw terminals are forbidden. All cables and leads must be connected in junction boxes closed on all sides; above and below.
    • All systems and set-ups are obliged to include a 30mA FI (RCD) protective switch.
    • Conductive construction elements such as steel structures, metal parts of expo stands, rigging, metal stages, stage facilities, tents, suspended structures, etc. must be linked up with an additional electrical bonding earthing system.
    • Neither exhibitors, nor contractors working on their behalf, shall be permitted to carry out any expansion of, or changes to, the electrical installations once the final inspection has been made and approval granted. Exhibitors shall not be permitted to source electrical power from neighbouring stands, nor shall they be permitted to install their own generators.

    Safety equipment

    Under no circumstances must fire alarms, emergency alarm buttons and switches, smoke alarms, hydrants, fire extinguisher cabinets or other such safety devices or equipment be blocked by permanent or temporary structures, or be used as - or as part of - decorative features. They must be clearly visible, recognisable and their usability must be unrestricted. Hydrant cabinets in the halls are solely installed for fire fighting purposes and may only be used for these purposes. All halls and adjacent rooms must be equipped with automatic fire / smoke sensor alarms.

    Water must not be sourced from the hydrants in the halls. Halls 02, 03, 05, 06, foyer B and hall 10 incl. the congress areas are additionally equipped with an automatic sprinkler system. Stands must be implemented in such a way as not to inhibit or prevent the correct functioning of the fire protection infrastructure (smoke alarms, sprinkler system) in the halls.

    Hall entrances & emergency exits

    Please note, all specified aisle widths must be adhered to without exception and must not be blocked or constricted with decorations or with objects standing in, or protruding into, the aisle (i.e. machine sledges, rails, flags, etc.).

    No emergency exits or signs indicating their location may be blocked or covered by any kind of mobile or immobile object, nor otherwise rendered illegible or inoperative in any way. All indoor and outdoor emergency exits must be kept free at all times.

    Fire service zones

    Marked and signposted fire service access zones and fire service access manoeuvring zones signposted ‘no parking’ and ‘no waiting’, must be kept freely accessible for the entire duration of the assembly period, the trade fair itself, and the dismantling period, in such a way as to facilitate unrestricted access for fire and emergency service vehicles at any time. The prohibition of parking in loading and fire service areas must be strictly observed at all times. Vehicles and objects parked in areas reserved for emergency services and restricted access zones will be removed at the expense and risk of the owners. As organisers we have no influence over these procedures and regulations.

    We request your cooperation and understanding for the observation of all official requirements. Please follow the instructions given by the car park staff to ensure events proceed with a maximum of speed and efficiency.

    Conditions laid down by the fire authorities:

    In compliance with the Austrian ÖNORM A 3800 part 1, materials, stand construction and decorative materials must at least comply with fire classes B1, Q1 and Tr1 or the classifications contained in EN 13501/1 (does not burn easily, produces little smoke and does not drip). Easily inflammable materials such as straw, hay and bark mulch are in principle not allowed, unless they have been impregnated and their use agreed in advance with the fair management (fire extinguisher on the stand). Candles on display cannot be lit and the use of wood wool for decoration is forbidden.

    Flammable liquids: Flammable liquids or pressurized gas containers (i.e. spray cans) may not be presented in their original packaging. Please ensure such exhibits are only exhibited as empty mock-up containers.

    Neither trucks nor cars shall be allowed to drive into any of the halls. All exceptions must be agreed in advance with the exhibition management and the hall manager.

    No cleaning substances, paints, varnishes or glues containing solvents (i.e. nitro compounds) may be used in any of the halls or adjacent rooms.

    Additional fire prevention and safety requirements for stand spaces, expo stands and areas reserved for special events, may be applied and enforced by the building inspection office, the police, the fire safety services, Messezentrum Salzburg or Reed Messe Salzburg GmbH, if any one of them identifies an increase in the risks of injury to individuals, or of damage to objects, due to the type and scope of the event planned.

  • Stand assembly

  • Stand security

    Österreichischer Wachdienst GmbH & Co KG

    René Cerny
    Bayerhamerstraße 14 c
    5020 Salzburg
    +43 57 8830 3780
    +43 57 8830 3716


    More information soon.

    General terms

  • Basic requirements for foreign exhibitors

    Satisfaction of the basic requirements for trade fair participation by foreign exhibitors in Austria

    Every exhibitor in Austria - who at the time of the trade fair is not registered as residing in the country, whose company is not registered here, nor has a habitual place of residence or an official place of business here, and who effects transactions in Austria which are not subject to a transfer of tax liabilities (particularly domestic business, sundry services to private individuals) – is obliged to register at the Finanzamt Graz-Stadt (City of Graz Tax Authorities) and to submit all preliminary and annual declarations of tax returns to this body.

    To this end it is necessary to have a VAT ID number to be applied for as follows:

    • Required form – Verf19 (German) or Verf19E (English): This list of questions establishes the right to be assigned a tax number/ VAT ID number. This number must be stated on all subsequent correspondence with the tax authorities. Link: https://service.bmf.gv.at/service/anwend/formulare/show_mast.asp?s=Verf19
    • A copy of the commercial registry extract (trading license) and a copy of the articles of association for corporations.


    More information is available at:


    We recommend our exhibitors to complete applications and the submission process at least 3 weeks before the beginning of the fair to ensure all processing can be completed before the show.

  • Refundation of purchase tax

    Refundation-form of purchase tax for entrepreneurs, not based within the EU.

    For detailed information about refundation options please contact the responsible finance office:

    Finanzamt Graz-Stadt
    Betriebsveranlagungsteams Ausländerreferate
    Conrad von Hötzendorf-Straße 14-18
    8018 Graz
    T: +43 316 881538

  • Insurance terms and conditions

    The insurance conditions are only available in German. For detailed information in English please contact:

    Uniqa Versicherung AG
    Elisabeth Mayer-Ferner at Funk International Austria GmbH
    +43 (0) 662/63 62 68-11
    +43 (0) 662/63 62 68-4

    Claims guideline

    The safety regulations are only available in German.

    Versicherungsbedingungen Unfall

    Besondere Versicherungsbedingungen (Messen und Ausstellungen)

    Versicherungsbedingungen Leitungswasserschäden

    Versicherungsbedingungen Einbruchdiebstahl

    Versicherungsbedingungen Feuer

    Allgemeine Transportversicherungsbedingungen

  • Promotional materials

  • Advertising online

  • Advertising at the fair

    ADMAN Werbeagentur
    Schöffelgasse 30
    1180 Wien
    +43 1 478 90 50-10
    +43 1 478 90 50-50

    Order online


  • WLAN systems

    Salzburg Exhibition Centre is equipped with a blanket coverage Wireless-LAN (WLAN) system. Use of the in-house WLAN system is only possible in standard 802.11a (5GHz) and can be booked using the order form in the Technical Services booklet.

    Exhibitors shall only be permitted to operate their own WLAN systems in standard 802.11b (2.4GHz) exclusively. In such cases the requisite positioning and configuration must be ensured, so as to avoid any interference with other systems; particularly those operated by the organisers and Salzburg Exhibition Centre. Should any such interference occur, the organisers shall exercise the right to switch off imported WLAN systems in a way considered most appropriate.

    Completely problem-free operation of WLAN systems cannot be guaranteed due to the physical limitations of WLAN technology. For this reason you are recommended to order a cable-based LAN link-up using the order form in the Technical Services booklet.

    More detailed information on the use of LAN and WLAN systems by exhibitors at Salzburg Exhibition Centre and Salzburg Arena is available in these guidelines (german).

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