Price information for Alles für den Gast 2021

Stand Rental fee            ZONE A (yellow)

Row stand                          € 168,00

Corner stand                    € 184,50

End stand                           € 195,50

Island stand                      € 199,50


Stand Rental fee            ZONE B (green)

Row stand                         € 165,00

Corner stand                   € 182,00

End stand                          € 192,50

Island stand                     € 196,50


Stand Rental fee            ZONE C (orange)

Row stand                         € 163,00

Corner stand                   € 179,50

End stand                          € 190,50

Island stand                     € 194,50


*The space rent is the net price per sqm; in addition, taxes and duties in the respective legally stipulated amount are to be calculated and paid. Wall  panels are not included, but obligatory in case of a row stand, a corner stand and an end stand. Excluding marketing and service fee, taxes and duties.


Standard Marketing and services flat charge (obligatory) EUR 675.00

includes the registration fee, a quota of exhibitor passes and parking access tickets, the basic entry in the online version of the exhibitor catalogue, access to the exhibitor portal – including all the available content management functions for creating your profile; a basic entry in the printed version of the exhibitor directory, and various printed and online promotional options for your own advertising activities.


Co-Exhibitor rate EUR 320.00
plus standard marketing and services flat charge


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Online-Advertising possibilities for Exhibitors

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