• 07. - 11. November 2020
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Statements of 50 years Alles für den Gast Herbst

Dr. Wilfried Haslauer

Governor of Salzburg Province

50 years ´Alles für den Gast´

"The tourist industry is profoundly interlinked with numerous other sectors of the economy, and is one of the key industries in the city and province of Salzburg. Immensely encouraging market developments, particularly over the past few years, have enabled Salzburg to break several records as regards the total number of overnight stays – again impressively underlining the status of tourism in the region.

They say: “The customer knows best!” To ensure customers from around the world also enjoy the very best, and come back for more, Salzburg’s world-renowned and widely-loved combination of cultural offerings and an intact natural environment is complemented by catering, restaurant and hotel industries perfectly equipped to meet the increasingly exacting standards of today’s guests.

For 50 years now, visiting the ‘Alles für den Gast’ has been imperative! On five eventful and informative days in November, Salzburg Messezentrum becomes a tourist industry see-and-be-seen for demand-side and supply-side managers and operatives from the entire Alps and Danube region. The anniversary event is to showcase around 750 domestic, foreign and international exhibitors, bringing them together with tens of thousands of visitors to ensure, once again, that Salzburg’s hotel industry trade fair - the ‘Alles für den Gast 2019’ – is an major tourist event in its own right.

On the proud occasion of this anniversary edition of a Salzburg trade fair with such a long history and such rich traditions, my wholehearted congratulations go out to Reed Messe GmbH, the organisers responsible for so many years of success! Moreover, I would like to wish all participating exhibitors, suppliers and providers, and of course all visitors from the catering, restaurant, hotel and entire tourist industries, an inspirational and successful 2019 show."

"Besides maintaining the town’s status as a tourist destination, the executive authorities responsible for the city of Salzburg have always aimed to consolidate the city’s position as a base for exhibitions.

As the mayor of Salzburg and the chairman of the expo centre supervisory board, I am doubly delighted to be welcoming the next edition of the ‘Alles für den GAST’.

The fair provides ideas and guidance for the restaurant, catering and hotel sectors throughout the entire Danube, Alps and Adriatic regions. For 50 years now it has been an ever-present fixture in Salzburg’s trade fair schedule, giving domestic, foreign and international exhibitors an ideal opportunity to showcase, orientate and to cultivate contact networks.


The fact that this show has been operating at such a high level for so many years is a unique achievement, and highlights the excellence of the work invested throughout this period."

Dipl.-Ing. Harald Preuner


Manfred Rosenstatter

President of the Salzburg Chambers of Commerce

"The autumn ‘Alles für den Gast’ trade fair is now celebrating its 50th edition at the Messezentrum Salzburg venue. As President of the Salzburg Chambers of Commerce, this is an occasion that fills me with pride. Over the past decades, like the domestic tourist industry itself, this trade fair has enjoyed highly dynamic development on a large scale. Today, the ‘Alles für den Gast’ is the undisputed number one trade fair for the related industries in the Danube, Alps and Adriatic regions. It plays in the Champions’ League of European restaurant and catering shows – just as Salzburg’s tourist sector has established itself at the very top in terms of tourism and hotels.

As regards winter tourism, the combination of a comprehensive network of ski lifts and countless family-run hotels, inns and restaurants is almost without comparison. Attractive summer-season offers have led to a renaissance in the demand for healthy breaks out in the countryside, and many hotels are busy enough to stay open throughout the entire year. The ‘Alles für den Gast’ has played a very essential role in this dynamic development. The variety on offer at the booths of over 700 exhibitors ensures the show is a powerful motor for investment and innovation in such business operations.

This is why I am particularly delighted that expo management has chosen to feature the very important issue of start-ups and the founding of businesses. For more than three years now, the Salzburg Chambers of Commerce have been cooperating with various partners on the creation of a more conducive environment for business founders and innovators. These efforts are to be supported at the Alles für den Gast for the first time by a special start-up area for innovative founders relevant to the industry.

I congratulate the expo management team on this step, and I am absolutely convinced it will enable them to introduce numerous highly-promising innovations and trends at ‘Alles für den Gast’ events moving forward. The start-up area will serve as an additional source of inspiration, providing expo visitors with fresh ideas on how to enhance staff satisfaction and customer enjoyment. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a very successful ‘Alles für den Gast’, and hope visitors enjoy numerous inspirational conversations and pick up several profitable contacts. "

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